“I just have to tell you that I've only been using the serum since Wednesday and I swear to God I see a significant difference!!! You definitely have a repeat customer. I really wanted to let you know too that it is the first time other than Botox that I and other people see a difference!!! This stuff rocks!”
Kelly D. Hamburg, PA
“Since using DermaChic® , my skin is more balanced. I’m not having breakouts or dryness. I’ve noticed improvement to my skin’s texture. The little lines around my eyes are less noticeable. I can definitely notice the difference!! Love this product!”
DeeDee M. Bloomingdale, GA
“I was given the day and night serums and told they would do wonders for my face and that was no lie! I've noticed the fine lines around my eyes disappearing and my skin actually cleared up! I'm loving the results and I'm glad I was given these products!
Beverly B. Harrisburg, PA
“I have been using both the day and night serums; and I have noticed my wrinkles have softened! They are very moisturizing, yet they sink in quickly and I am able to apply makeup right on top. I am in my 70s and have been looking for something, anything to make a noticeable difference—Thank you! Love them!
Carolyn R. Boca Raton, FL
I have seen a huge difference in my skin since using the day and night serums! It softens my wrinkles and is very moisturizing. It makes my makeup easier to apply in the mornings also.
Lori C. Bloomingdale, GA
These serums make my skin feel so good; it soaks in really fast and makes my skin so soft. I’ve noticed wrinkles around my eyes have softened and my completion is much clearer and more even.
Beckie R. Rincon, GA
I was amazed to see that after just a couple days of using the day and night serum, the lines around my mouth were remarkably smoother. The stress lines on my forehead seemed to disappear!
Michelle G. Guyton, CA